CHORUS plus Project (2020-2022) is planned to successfully meet its targets, through the partnership of 1 Research Laboratory (APTL/CERTH) and 25 Industrial partners, including 17 SMEs and 8 Large Enterprises, while the total budget reaches €900k and is co-financed through National and European funds. 9 out of the 17 SMEs (ESTIA, ELDIA, SPANOS, ATLANTIS, CLEAN ENERGY, SAMARAS, RENOVOIL, ENGAIA and CHIMAR) and the Research Laboratory (APTL/CERTH) are members of the CHORUS Cluster organization.

The proposed CHORUS plus operation concerns the implementation of a series of joint actions to build strong synergies between the members of the Collaborative Innovation Formation, for a holistic approach tagetting the circular economy and sustainable development, through the development of new processes, industrial products and services. An additional goal of the CHORUS plus operation is to identify common areas of activity and cooperation of members aiming to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of CHORUS plus enterprises through concepts such as industrial coexistence, urban mining and sector coupling, leading to a parallel reduction of environmental footprint (carbon footprint mitigation), reuse, recovery and recycling of industrial waste and by-products.