CHORUS Cluster welcomes 15 newly joined members through their participation in CHORUS plus Project.
Thessaloniki, 25 November 2020
New CHORUS Cluster members!
CHORUS plus is the successor Project of CHORUS, with 10 members of CHORUS Cluster participating as full members, and is co-financed by Greece and the European Union.
Thessaloniki, 6 August 2020
New funding for CHORUS Cluster members
CHORUS Cluster members participating in MoBiSol Project have jointly published their preliminary experimental results in the SolarPACES 2019 Conference in Daegu, South Korea.
Daegu, 4 October 2019
CHORUS Cluster MoBiSol Project members common publication
CHORUS Cluster members including APTL/CERTH, ELDIA, RENOVOIL and SPANOS have jointly received funding through the "Research, Create, Innovate" call that was co-financed by Greece and the European Union.
Thessaloniki, 9 September 2018
Participation of CHORUS Cluster members in an R&D funded Project
ClusterFY project partners from Greece, Sweden, the Netherlands and Lithuania organized the interregional workshop "Innovation and cluster policy development: Exchange of knowledge between Greece, Sweden, The Netherlands and Lithuania".
Thessaloniki, 28 March 2018
Interregional workshop on cluster policy @ CERTH
Constantly oriented to the integration of the value chain of clean technologies and the circular economy, CHORUS warmly welcomes 3 new members: RENOVOIL, ELDIA and PRAGMA IoT.
Thessaloniki, January 2018
CHORUS cluster participated in the 2nd edition of the GROW your REGIOn conference that was held in Valencia on 8 & 9 November 2017.
Valencia, 8 & 9 November 2017
CHORUS Cluster@ GROW your REGIOn conference
CHORUS Cluster took part in the C2C matchmaking mission organized in Thessaloniki the 13-14 September 2017.
Thessaloniki, 13-14 September 2017
CHORUS Cluster @ C2C Matchmaking mission in Thessaloniki
News from CHORUS Cluster members. HELPE RES was awarded three new PV installation projects after the public tender of the Regulatory Authority for Energy. The new projects total 8,6 MW.
Three new PV installation projects for HELPE RES
Chorus Cluster took part in the B2B matchmaking event held in Brussels the 30 of November 2016 in parallel to the Cluster Collaboration Conference.
30 November 2016, Brussels
CHORUS Cluster @ B2B Cluster matchmaking event 30/11/2016
Τwo days of informative presentations, interactive discussion & excellent networking opportunities.
1-2 December 2016, Brussels
CHORUS Cluster @ the fifth edition of the cluster collaboration conference Cluster 4.0 – Shaping Smart Industries