CHORUS Cluster welcomes 3 new members! RENOVOIL, ELDIA and PRAGMA IoT


Constantly oriented to the integration of the value chain of clean technologies and the circular economy, CHORUS warmly welcomes 3 new members:

RENOVOIL activates in the field of recycling cooking oils. Through a network of over 700 food services spots (restaurants, hospitals, hotels etc) RENOVOIL covers the total of Central and parts of West and East Macedonia. The company’s facilities include filtration, cleansing and dehumidification units allowing to produce a fine product suitable for feeding biodiesel production units.  

ELDIA was established in 1997 in the city of Thessaloniki and is currently an industry leader in waste management and recycling in Greece. The Company provides rational solutions for issues concerning the solid waste management and disposal of industrial and commercial enterprises, local government or organisations of the broader public sector.

PRAGMA.IoT is a spin-off company of CERTH-ITI that aims to be involved in the Low Power Computing and Internet of Things domain. Pragma.IoT specializes in providing end-to-end software solutions and consulting services in the domain of Internet of Things, including, but not limited to, services related to low-power computing, fog networking and computing using embedded intelligence, OEM platform development and design of next generation gateways for IoT ecosystems. The company’s staff has 20 years of experience, researching, developing and applying cutting-edge technologies.